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Fibronectin Information

What is Fibronectin?

Fibronectin is a human protein found in the birth canal of pregnant women. It functions like glue, binding the membranes around a developing baby to the inside of the womb.  

Normally Fibronectin is only detectable at either end of pregnancy - in the early stage when the membranes are forming, or later when the womb is preparing for labour.  

How is measuring Fibronectin useful?  

Research has shown that women between 23 and 35 weeks of pregnancy who test positive for Fibronectin are at increased risk of premature labour within 2 weeks or less after the test.

Increasingly Doctors are using Fibronectin to identify women who may go into premature labour.

How can it be measured? 

The test is simply a swab taken during an internal examination. The result is available in 20 minutes and there is no risk to you or your baby.